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Introduction to Maps in Elixir

Elixir v0.13 has introduced Maps, a key value store. Quoting elixir 0.13 docs

Introducing Event Server

So very first behaviour server of OTP that we are gonna look in is Generic(I am guessing what gen means in erlang) event server.

Introducing OTP

Erlang system is tried and tested for years and known for fault tolerance, robustness, ditributed operation handling and concurrency. OTP, stands for Open Telecom Platform, even though there is nothing specific about telecom.

Static file server

I made to write static file server, can be used as CDN server. Find it at github

Quote Unquote

Most functional languages are great in treating/presenting everything as data. Elixir is no less, it has power to present anything into data using its powerfull quote, unquote.

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